Announcing the Launch of the CanAm EdTech Industry Alliance


 Announcing the Launch of the CanAm EdTech
Industry Alliance  

– Official Virtual Launch taking place today at the EdFocus Industry Summit-

TORONTO, February 11th,  2021– As presenters and media partners at the EdFocus Industry Summit MindShare Learning is proud to announce today the official virtual launch of the CanAm EdTech Industry Alliance. 

The goal of the CanAm EdTech Alliance is to create a professional learning community for Canadian and US based EdTech Companies in the PreK to Lifelong Learning market segments, where education technology leaders can connect, share and grow. 

2020 proved to be a pivotal year for the EdTech sector with the onset of COVID-19 and the massive requirement for EdTech tools and resources. While many companies thrived, others have been left challenged to pivot to better meet the emerging needs of the education market. School closures, remote and hybrid learning in a crisis further complicates the learning process and the future direction of some 4,000 plus EdTech companies.  

While we’re not out of the woods yet, we have an opportunity to better define the future of the North American EdTech sector that is expected to grow to over $29 Billion in 2021.

As founder of MindShare Learning Technology & chief catalyst, CanAM EdTech Alliance,  Robert Martellacci, is known as a visionary pioneer of the learning technology space in Canada with over 30 years of expertise, and a passion for making an impact on student success. His leadership and expertise in the education community as a former university administrator, TLC Country manager, and co-founder and CEO, C21 Canada, helped spark the alliance innovation.

“The pandemic illuminated the need and opportunity to bridge the gap amongst the fragmented Canadian and US EdTech industry ecosystems, in order to nurture a vibrant and thriving edtech sector, says Robert Martellacci, Founder & CEO, MindShare Learning Technology. As one of the most advanced and mature EdTech regions globally, we need to pay more attention to the finer details by establishing an alliance to provide the essential professional learning community and support networks, to assure for a thriving sector beyond the pandemic.”

The CanAm EdTech Alliance will foster and nourish growth within the North American EdTech and beyond.The array of opportunities available within the alliance include; events such as the CanAm celebrating excellence meetups, professional learning, careers, research and advisory, networking and exclusive membership benefits. In an effort to be inclusive, the Alliance is  inviting startups, consultants, EdTech investment community and EdTech companies well on their way to be a part of this expansive CanAm community. The membership benefits include company directory listing, networking with industry peers, exposure to  funding opportunities, post your upcoming events, career, trade missions, exclusive monthly webinars & CanAm monthly newsletter. 

To ensure we have teacher voice, educators will be encouraged to join the community at no cost in hopes of providing insight and pilot opportunities. 

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